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  • Call to Celebration, A
    $95.00 Choose Options Call to Celebration, A
    Commissioned to open the concert of the Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonian National Wind Ensemble at the fraternity’s 2012 National Convention, the composer chose two favorite fraternity songs to highlight in this short fanfare...
    Call to Celebration, A
  • Celebration for a New Era
    $80.00 Choose Options Celebration for a New Era
    Originally written for the bicentennial celebration of the United States Military Academy at West Point, NY, this composition was premiered at Carnegie Hall by theUnited States Military Academy Band, incorporating The United...
    Celebration for a New Era
  • Dance of the Moryak
    $95.00 Choose Options Dance of the Moryak
    Dance of the Moryak is a Russian sailor dance in the tradition of the Gliere classic. (“Moryak” is the Russian word for “sailor.”) Rousing and raucous, and invoking images of Cossack acrobatics flying through the air, it has...
    Dance of the Moryak
  • Declarations
    $100.00 Choose Options Declarations
    Similar in scope and design to Camphouse's well established Tribute, Declarations is an exciting, sonorous and challenging 8 1/2 minute work, conceived primarily as a concert 'opener'. Declarations was commissioned by Dr...
  • Epilogue
    $80.00 Choose Options Epilogue
    This playful, overture-style work was commissioned by Napa (CA) High School to celebrate W.B.Cranes's 39 years in music education. An opening fanfare and main theme set a heroic scene which is followed by poignant and...
  • Exaltations
    $70.00 Choose Options Exaltations
    This intrepid concert fanfare for advanced bands exudes feelings of exhilaration and resilience from beginning to end! The work opens with sparkling melody lines and brilliant technical passages before settling into the...
  • Fanfare for the Glorious Naycart
    $90.00 Choose Options Fanfare for the Glorious Naycart
    Fanfare for the Glorious Naycart On the Planet of No-Moon, In a Land near the Kingdom of Sag V'sal...Commissioned for the 2002 Clark County Middle School Honor Band, Las Vegas, Nevada, Tracy a. Leslie, Chairperson. As with a...
    Fanfare for the Glorious Naycart
  • Fanfare for U.C. Merced
    $55.00 Choose Options Fanfare for U.C. Merced
    Fanfare for UC Merced was composed to celebrate the opening of the tenth campus of the renowned University of California System in Merced, California. The work is presented as gift to UC Merced from California State...
    Fanfare for U.C. Merced
  • Fanfare Mid-America
    $85.00 Choose Options Fanfare Mid-America
    A number of years ago, I composed a piece for brass choir and timpani to coincide with the appointment of a new Dean of the School of Music at Lee University, where I work. A few months ago, Major Daniel Price, commanding...
    Fanfare Mid-America
  • Fanfare-Processional on Gaudeamus Igitur
    $55.00 Choose Options Fanfare-Processional on Gaudeamus Igitur
    Commencement and other academic exercises continue to be a part of every band's performance schedules. Here's a fresh look at "Gaudeamus Igitur," the ancient academic song which was set in Brahms' Academic Festival Overture...
    Fanfare-Processional on Gaudeamus Igitur
  • Fire of Eternal Glory, The
    $65.00 Choose Options Fire of Eternal Glory, The
    Composer: Shostakovitch arranged by Timothy Rhea Grade Level: 3 TRN CD Number: 22 Time:...
    Fire of Eternal Glory, The
  • Fire Works
    $110.00 Choose Options Fire Works
    Fire Works was written in 1987-88 on commission from the Wisconsin College Band Directors Association. The colleges and universities and their directors who participated are: Carroll College, Larry Harper; Marquette...
    Fire Works

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